Healthcare in Canada

We need to be better. We can do better. We must do better.

On the doorsteps, driveways and front lawns of Charlottetown, the biggest issue resonating with constituents are the persistent challenges of the healthcare system. As a community, we face a number of serious and complicated issues with our healthcare system.  Access to mental health supports, the unacceptably high number of residents without a family doctor, access to timely healthcare services, nursing shortages and acknowledgement of healthcare resource shortages are all concerns I’m hearing on the street. It is heart wrenching to hear the struggle of my fellow Charlottetown residents.

Healthcare is the sacred right of every Canadian. Health care has always been managed by the province – but the need is now greater than any one province can manage. Supporting Healthcare is a core pillar of the Conservative Party. I will work closely with Erin O’Toole to ensure that federal funding is boosted to the provinces to increase health transfers, access more nurses and physicians, provide real mental health supports and to ensure all Canadians have access to a nationwide, support hotline for when the challenges become overwhelming.


Charlottetown is long overdue for a strong and determined voice in Ottawa. I want to be this voice. I want to stand up for the people of Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island. As a former Minister of Health and National Chair of Federal, Provincial and Territorial tables I am an experienced and determined public servant. I understand the Health file and the issues. I understand how to get things done.  I’ll build stronger relationships and work in collaboration with our provincial government to be better together for all residents of Charlottetown, the city that raised me.


My primary motivation for returning to politics is to use my strengths and experience to serve my city and to make a difference for the people of Charlottetown. Healthcare is an area of particular strength and experience – where my skills are best centered both for constituents in Charlottetown and on a national level to make real change. I believe we need to address the challenges that I hear again and again from the people of Charlottetown. I put forward my name for election to be part of the solutions that bring decent, equitable and on-time healthcare for all residents of our great city.

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