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Doug Currie is proud to be the Conservative Party of Canada candidate for the riding of Charlottetown. Professionally, Doug currently serves as the VP of Corporate and Strategic Development at Holland College, and held leadership roles within the school system before taking his current position. A former Provincial Liberal Health Minister, he was elected in three consecutive elections as the MLA for District 11 Charlottetown-Parkdale. First elected in 2007, he held several key cabinet roles before his resignation in 2017.

Doug brings extensive federal, provincial and territorial leadership experience and will be a strong voice in Ottawa. He is passionate about representing the needs of his community and constituents and will devote himself to ensuring their well-being for generations to come. A lifelong resident of Charlottetown, Doug currently lives in the Parkdale neighbourhood with his two daughters, Hallie and Casey. He is proud to be part of Erin O’Toole’s Conservative team that stands up for all Canadians.

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